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Coverhero provides a white label solution for Insurers & Brokers to remain innovative

Wallet & Analytics

We provide a white label solution that aggregates all insurance policies in one place and provide a visual representation of the policies.

Policies are presented in an visually appealing way and in the most transparent way possible (what’s covered, what’s not covered).

Users can understand better what policies they have, and what percentage of their total wallet they make up to.

Users can then see where they are under-insured or over-insured, and alternatives can be presented.

This aspect helps the consumer better understand the policies they have and improve their financial literacy.

Wallet Features:

AI powered Chatbot

Our chat bot can be implemented as a web app or in a mobile app and is making the purchase of policies easier by having pre-designed questions and answers.

We provide an admin backend to manage the questions and are able to link it to the Insurer’s APIs to show different pricing options in app.

Chatbot Features:

Email parser

We have created an email parser that looks for Insurance policies in the user's inbox and extracts them.

The email parser works as an API and can be tied to any provider. The parser provides a 3-layer filtering system to provide the best accuracy possible.

The JSON response from the parser can be sent in app in real time using tools such as The parse can be then integrated into your existing solution to provide a better onboarding experience to your customers.

Parser Features:

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